Visual Development Portfolio

Illustration 2022

I am Edgar – a visual development consultant in the entertainment industry. I help small studios and agencies define the look of their products and create designs that stand out. This portfolio showcases some of my work done for animation, film and game projects in the last few years.

If you are facing an interesting visual challenge, message me at I love a good puzzle.

Personal Illustrations

Here is a collection of personal work that best describes me as an artist. I strive to tell stories through environments, lighting and cinematic composition.

‘Danger Island’ / IMEPILT Studios

I worked with IMEPILT Studios to define the main set designs and key frames for their 3D animated feature film “The Danger Island”. The movie is targeted at grade – and middle-school kids, which was the main factor guiding the design decisions. The shapes had to be bold and readable, while the required technological sophistication level was quite low. Cool look and entertainment value was much more important than practicality and functionality. Some sense of realism was maintained but most inconsistencies could be explained away by cartoon logic…

The lab was located on a very small desolated island which paradoxically contained various biomes. I started by drawing a map to place all the locations mentioned in the script and then proceeded to sculpt the island in 3D. The model was used as a base for concept paintovers and later as a production asset for 3D renders.

Additional location concepts: the downtown and a marina in Tallinn and a parade in New Orleans.

“O2” Movie / NAFTA Films, Taska Film

I was hired to produce keyframe illustrations for an Estonian spy movie set in 1939. The images had to capture the aesthetic of the movie and were used to help secure funding for the production. “O2” was directed by Margus Paju and released in 2020.

Bondora Commercials / TOLM Studio

I worked with TOLM Studio on 3D commercials for the personal investment brand Bondora. My main tasks were environment, costume and prop design and color keying. The look had to be light and playful, yet sophisticated enough to appeal to the adult demographic.

PROTO Vr center / MOTOR Agency

I worked with MOTOR Agency in Estonia to create pre-production concepts for a steampunk-themed VR Center. I developed ca 15 designs of various exhibits that the visitors could interact with. The images served as a base for the art direction and were used to secure government grants. Later I created 3 full-color illustrations that were used in a marketing campaign to bring awareness to the center before its completion.

PROTO Invention Factory was opened in 2020.